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“Best Of” Award extends publicity

Woodstock Family Life recently awarded The King’s Academy the number one spot in its Best of Private schools contest. This award indicates TKA’s popularity and influence

in the community. Administration hopes to capitalize on the award to expand its advertising and generate interest in enrollment.

The award is the result of a general survey of readers conducted by the Woodstock Family Life magazine. As TKA has continued to grow and its families and students have become increasingly involved in the community, the school has become an important part of Woodstock.

“Our recognition is growing in the community,” said Mrs. Sandra Breaden, the Student Programs Director, who also helps to manage aspects of public relations for the school. “People within our school are making more people outside of our school aware of us.”

Woodstock Family Life is a local magazine produced by Family Life publications in Canton, North Fulton and Woodstock. Each magazine issue has a circulation of over 55,000 copies, meaning the recent award drastically extends TKA’s word-of-mouth advertising campaign.

Administration plans to leverage the award to extend TKA’s reach. “We don’t do any paid advertising for the school,” said Mrs. Breaden. “Everything is word of mouth. So this is always just an extra blessing for us.”

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