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Alumni describe life after high school

High school seems to fly by. It sometimes seems like the upperclassmen we befriend are turning their tassels and moving on from high school in the blink of an eye. This leaves students with a question: what are alumni up to now?

Haley Vega, who graduated in 2020, is now a freshman at Truett McConnell University. There, she juggles schoolwork, plays for the volleyball team and participates in a student outreach ministry.

“TKA prepared me to go out in the real world and start my own life by having such a flexible schedule,” Vega said. “Going only two days a week allowed me to manage my time better and balance school with sports.”

Even on weeks without volleyball games, Vega’s schedule is packed full with six volleyball practices a week on top of classes and homework. Weeks with games can be even more challenging, as the team may have to travel on the bus for long periods of time to get to two or three games each week. While tackling her schedule can be hard at times, she knows God led her to exactly where she should be.

“If I could give advice to a high school student reading this, I would say trust the Lord,” Vega said. “I can’t tell you how many times I stressed over where I was supposed to go because I did not surrender it to the Lord and trust Him. But through the Lord’s patience and faithfulness, He led me to Truett.”

Anna Rush, formerly Anna Druckenmiller, was led in a unique direction after she graduated in 2018 and immediately started her own photography business, which has seen tremendous success this past year. Her experience as a yearbook photographer led to her to pursue photography as a career. She later began charging for personal sessions. Now, as a self-proclaimed travel bug and romantic, she hopes to evolve into full-time wedding and elopement photography.

“Photography has allowed me to pursue my dreams while making a living because it’s something I love to do,” Rush said. “It’s new and exciting every time, and it stirs up so much creativity and passion in me.”

Rush also went on tour with Unaltered Ministries for nine months in 2019 where she helped host a national youth event for middle and high schoolers and also met her future husband, Luke Rush.

“I knew Luke was the one based on the ways he treated me on tour and after,” Rush said. “He really got to know me and treated me with so much respect and love. Above all else, he truly exemplified Christ to me in a way I had never experienced from a guy before. I started to understand the Gospel more because of how Luke loved me.”

The two were married in March of this year and now pursue their dreams together, trusting the Lord in the process of their relationship."

“My advice to a high school student would be to keep trying to find who you are,” Rush said. “Once you can be confident in who you are, then you can pursue things you love and want to do, and you’ll excel in those. You don’t have to have it all figured out, but you can start somewhere and learn on the way.”

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