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House system changes aim to increase excitement

The Student Leadership Council is planning several improvements to the new house system for its second year: improving communication with house leaders, raising hype in the student body and enhancing student involvement, all through means which are still in development.

While the house system will undergo various improvements, it will also remain, at its core, the same as last year.

“The way things work overall won’t really change,” senior representative Joe Wages said. “Just a few minor improvements over what didn’t work last year [will be made]. I think house communication from the leaders will certainly be improved overall.”

Although last year’s reception of the house system was mostly positive, Wages said that communication between members and leaders will improve as the house system draws nearer to its final format. In keeping with last year, students may gain points for their house by representing their houses and completing challenges or dressing with their house colors on certain days. At the end of the school year, whichever house has the most points wins.

On sorting day, Aug 23, new students and freshmen received envelopes containing their house assignments.

“But those [events and challenges] will remain largely the same as last year. We are also discussing smaller plans and ideas, but we are not sure how those will pan out yet,” said Wages.

Some of the challenges the council set up last year included finding various house-related objects around the school, completing small winter-themed feats and even designing house banners. The Student Leadership Council plans many special events, most of which are strongly affected by the house system. Although no challenges for this year have been named, students can expect to be notified about them soon via email.

“The Student Leadership Council is planning our events as usual, with house events, of course, being a large factor in that,” said Wages.

The house system is a fresh idea for schools across the nation and is still being refined. The Student Leadership Council came up with the idea last year and assigned council members to lead each of the four houses: Nate Thompson to Pi, Emmalee Nichols to Sigma, Chandler Payne to Delta and Joe Wages to Theta.

“We are planning out our events for the year, and we are hoping to get folks riled up and excited to compete,” said Wages. “Last year we were still getting the hang of things, so this year we want to try and step it up.”

Wages said that the council would be prioritizing communication going both ways this year.

“I also want to encourage house members to go and talk to their house leaders if they have any ideas or anything of that nature,” Wages said. “Communication and student involvement will definitely be a key focus for us this year.”

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