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JV basketball team dominates at recent tournament

The boys of the JV basketball team visited the Southeast Tip Off Tournament in Suwanee, Ga over the past weekend. After three days of back to back matches, the JV team was able to bring home the victory for the third year in a row.

The mentality of the team was crucial heading into this tournament. Their willingness to lay it all on the court is what would eventually lead them to become champions once again.

“A win is a win, and that is what we play for,” said sophomore Micah Fender.

The highlight of the tournament for the Knights was the championship game. Heading into the fourth quarter, the team was trailing by nine points. Fortunately for the Knights, they were able to seize the moment and start a rally that ultimately led to their victory.

“Our strong points were in the fourth quarter of the championship game,” said sophomore Evan Anderson. “We were able to start a huge rally that allowed us to win the game. We were able to seize momentum because we got many steals, forced turnovers and made baskets in the clutch.”

The JV basketball team has been the victor of this particular tournament for the past three years. The mindset of the players and their ability to seize momentum when it is needed most is what sets the JV team apart from their competitors.

“To be honest, we played incredibly well,” said Fender. “We hit the important shots, and it came out in the end.”


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