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Knight’s Track and Field continues successful season

On March 13, the Knight’s Track and Field team attended the Bill Thorn Invitational. The team won multiple awards across many categories. Their recent success can be attributed to the hard work and positive attitudes among all teammates.

The middle school boys ranked first out of 12. Varsity girls placed first out of 13 teams. Helena Vassilou, Celia Stewart, Eva Hunnius and Savanna Stewart won first place in the high school Girls 4x800 meter relay. Evan Anderson and Celia Stewart won first place in the high school boys and girls triple jump category. It was a successful night for the Knights, overall.

Sophomore Eva Hunnius joined the track and field team this year. She has expressed a love for the community found among the team. She currently holds a personal record in the 800 meter race of 2:44.98. Overall, her favorite event is the 4x800 meter race.

“The atmosphere is absolutely incredible,” said Hunnius. “We are like one big family that supports each other no matter what. My favorite part is being able to cheer and encourage my friends during their races.”

Many Track and Field members joined the team without any prior experience. Many simply joined because they loved running or needed to improve at it. Nonetheless, the family bond that this team has developed has become a key factor to their success.

Freshman Helena Vassilou joined the track team this year. One of her favorite memories was placing first in the 800 meter race.

“No, I did not have any prior experience, but I joined because I really needed to work on speed for other sports,” said Vassiliou. “The atmosphere is great because everyone is very encouraging, funny and hardworking.”

With the rest of the season ahead of them, the Track and Field team continues to practice hard and encourage one another. Ultimately, runners are thrilled for what this season has to hold in the future.

“My favorite memories from this season are after every practice, the team stands together and prays and does a little cheer,” said Hunnius. “This team has been so special to me, and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds.”


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