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Largest comeback in Powderpuff history: Sophomores defeat seniors for 2021 championship

The sophomore class brought home the victory for the first time ever at the annual Powderpuff Tournament Sunday, Oct. 17, at Kell High School. The four teams practiced for weeks in preparation for this annual competition.

The Student Leadership Council hosts the Powderpuff event every year as an opportunity for girls to play flag football and unify as a grade. The Powderpuff coaches, who are football players from each grade, are responsible for planning practices and designing plays.

The freshmen and seniors kicked off the tournament, with the seniors taking a quick lead by scoring the first touchdown. The freshmen tried to respond by strengthening their defense, but it was no match for the senior offense, which possessed a great advantage with their passing game. The freshmen could not keep up as the seniors scored nine touchdowns into the third quarter, taking an enormous lead. The final score was 52-12, with the seniors bringing home the win and moving on to the final round.

The senior class had never won a Powderpuff game as a team. After tasting a victory against the freshmen, they were ready to claim the Powderpuff trophy.

“When we got to Powderpuff and started warming up and practicing together, we felt pretty confident, but at the same time we didn’t know how good the freshmen were,” said senior Lauren Cox. “After beating the freshmen by so much we were really motivated to win it all.”

The sophomores and juniors went head to head in the second game of the day. Within the first five minutes, the sophomores scored and made an extra point bringing the score to 7-0. The juniors responded by scoring two touchdowns in quick succession. Both sides were neck in neck in the third quarter, but the juniors dropped a vital touchdown pass. The sophomores won by two points with the final score 14-12.

“I was really shocked that we beat the juniors because last year we played really bad,” said sophomore Kylie Pretorious. “I think our coaches definitely knew what they were doing better this year, and all the girls knew each other, so we really united as a team and played well together.”

The sophomores and seniors played next to determine the final victor. The sophomores took a quick lead of 12-0.

“I think a turning point in the game was when Matthew called a timeout and our coaches yelled at us and hyped us up. After that we started executing and we finally scored,” said Cox.

After a very heated game, the sophomores defeated the seniors by one point, a final score of 18-19. The sophomores brought home the victory and became the 2021 Powderpuff Champions.

“I think the hardest part was just realizing that this was our last year and that we had a chance to win and we lost, '' said Cox. “Before this year, we had never won a game. We actually cared this year, and we were disappointed when we lost.”

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