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Senior Powderpuff squad preps for comeback season

The Class of 2024 hoists the championship trophy following a close victory in the 2021 Powderpuff title game. The then-sophomores took down the seniors by a score of 14-12.

photo by @tkastudentcouncil


Due to an unexpected Powderpuff loss in 2022 to the class of 2024, this year’s senior class is looking for revenge. Senior head coach Thomas Lubben believes that the tournamentstyle bracket is designed for the 12th grade class to make the championship, if not to win it all. Despite this, the seniors haven’t won the championship in almost two years, bringing home their last win in 2020. For this reason, this year’s seniors are practicing harder than ever to overcome the shortcomings of years past.

“We need everyone to come together with a common goal,” Lubben said. “A unified team is exactly what will put us over the top. We need everyone to focus and work alongside each other.”

With newfound spirit and grit, the senior class works hard in order to meet the standard required of championship teams. They do it all in hopes of beating the team who handed them an unexpected first round loss last year. Last year’s coach points to mental mistakes and penalties for the defeat.

“The game is won and lost in our heads,” Lubben said. “Some may blame themselves for last year’s loss, but we need to stay focused on the path ahead. Sure the game was close and a few small mistakes changed the outcome, but that’s old news.”

The class of 2023 doesn’t see last year’s victory as a fluke, but rather portent of things to come. Due to their overall championship in 2021, assistant coach junior Will Johnson considers this team a popular favorite to come away with the title.

“The game was definitely tough. We got lucky through a couple of drops, but we played a complete game and came away with a win,” Johnson said. “We know that they want revenge and we have to be prepared.”

A big part of the seniors’ new practice strategy is eliminating those mistakes. From rethinking the entire depth chart, to inspiring competition, to bringing in a new coach to reinvent the game plan, the senior class is wasting no time in preparing for a win. Their new coach, Will Howe, a senior at Veritas Academy, also plays for the Knights’ football team.

“Will Howe is a game planning wizard,” said Lubben. “While all the other coaches play checkers, he’s playing chess.”

Behind their newly developed coaching, focused attitude and strong work ethic, the senior class is ready for the challenge that every game carries. Last year’s game was as down-to-the-wire as any, but the seniors are working hard to ensure a victory.

“We beat ourselves last year with mistakes and penalties,” said Lubben. “I am wholly confident in our ability to win the championship this year. All anybody wants to do is beat the juniors.”


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