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Seniors win 2020 Powder Puff Championship game

The senior class of 2021 brought home the victory yet again at the annual Powder Puff Tournament Sunday, Nov. 8, at Cherokee Veteran’s Park. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors practiced for weeks preparing for this exhilarating competition.

The Student Leadership Council has hosted the Powder Puff event for years as an opportunity for girls to learn how to play football and unify as a grade. The Powder Puff coaches, football players from each grade, are responsible for planning practices and writing plays.

“It was really a ton of fun just playing and getting to know all of my teammates,” said sophomore Grace Cassa.“It was definitely a year to remember.”

The freshman/senior game kicked off the tournament, with the freshmen scoring the first touchdown. The seniors contained the freshmen on their extra point attempt, and the momentum continued for the seniors. The freshman defense could not keep up, and the seniors scored four touchdowns in the third quarter. The final score was 26-12, with the seniors bringing home the win and moving on to the final round.

“Going into the games, I knew we had a lot of talent, but I still didn’t think we were good enough to beat the seniors,” said freshman Sara Cat Iredale. “Some of them had played for four years.”

Even though the freshmen wanted the win, they were very proud of what they did accomplish in the game against the seniors, even being the first to score. “We started out really, really well, but we had a few injuries that set us back,” said Iredale. “The seniors were a really physical team. We held them on defense and scored first. We were feeling good, but we burnt out quickly.”

The sophomores and juniors went head-to-head in the second game of the day. After the first quarter of the game, the sophomores took the lead. The sophomores kept the momentum throughout the game and never let the juniors score. The sophomores beat the juniors by a landslide with a final score of 19-0.

“It was really a ton of fun to actually win the first game by a lot,” said Cassa. “I loved just getting to play.”

The sophomores and seniors played next to determine the final victor. The sophomores fought for the win, but the team with the most talent and experience held the key to success. After a very heated and close game, the seniors beat the sophomores by three touchdowns, a final score of 33-12. The seniors brought home the victory and became the 2020 Powder Puff Champions.

“I was expecting, coming into the games, some hard work and, hopefully, a victory, and we got both in the end,” said senior Beth Ely. “It was amazing closing out our last Powder Puff game with a win.”

“The seniors had experience and talent going for them,” said freshman Gavin Smathers. “They were a more complete team, and they really knew what they were doing.”

Girls are already looking forward to the next season of Powder Puff, ready to try again for the win.

“I think the games really showed that [freshmen] have the potential to win next year and hopefully do better in the future,” said freshman Livia Stetson.


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