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Students provide aid for schools affected by Hurricanes Laura and Delta

Upon the arrival of the hurricane season, Hurricane Laura made landfall on Aug. 27 and ravaged the United States’ Gulf Coast. Citizens of Texas and Louisiana found themselves facing Hurricane Delta only six weeks later. To help struggling schools and students, The King’s Academy’s Beta Club proposed a way to help.

After Hurricane Laura devastated Lake Charles, La., Beta Club received an email from the National Beta Club with ideas and information on how the club could help these schools. The Beta Club leaders proposed a supply drive to collect school supplies and cleaning and disinfection equipment to help these schools get back on their feet.

With house points offered as an incentive for the drive, bins were placed in the high school assembly room and labeled with the logo of each house. Each student had the opportunity to do his or her part in the relief effort, and students collected about 794 supplies to assist schools affected by these hurricanes.

“These supplies were brought in school-wide,” said Beta Club sponsor Mrs. Monica Wilkes, “At the high school, our houses have been able to use this as a way to earn points for the house that brings in the most supplies.”

These hurricanes have impacted more than just Louisiana and Texas’s schools. Some of our very own students and staff, such as health teacher Kim Singer, have been affected by these tropical storms.

“I was very concerned about my friends and family when I heard Hurricane Laura was headed to Lake Charles,” said Mrs. Singer, "There was a mandatory evacuation, so I started checking on my family to see if they were leaving. I was shocked when I heard about Hurricane Delta. The area is still devasted from Hurricane Laura, I couldn't believe another hurricane was headed to the same area."

Some of Mrs. Singer’s family members are visiting Georgia and have agreed to deliver the supplies to affected schools. Both Kaufman Elementary and W.W. Lewis Middle are thankful for our contribution to their schools.

“I have gotten several emails thanking Beta Club for doing something for Lake Charles,” said Mrs. Wilkes.


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