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Swift’s ‘Midnights’ shatters streaming records

Taylor Swift's tenth album breaks her previous records set by the album "Reputation" in just four days after release.

photo by: New York Times


Eleven-time Grammy award winner Taylor Swift released her long-awaited tenth album on Oct. 21. Upon being released at midnight, 185 Million Fans streamed the album, setting a Spotify streaming record. The album includes 13 songs along with seven more bonus tracks, which were dropped at 3 a.m.

“Midnights” has topped the Billboard charts since the first 10 hours of its release, becoming one of the most listened to albums of the year. Thus far, “Midnights” has already had two No. 1 songs on the Billboard Charts while also occupying all top 10 positions for the first time ever. In doing so, it has rivaled other record-breaking albums, such as “Harry’s House” by Harry Styles and “Renaissance” by Beyonce.

Taylor’s album is reminiscent of 13 sleepless nights when she found herself overcome with emotion. It touches on an array of emotions and genres within one album, giving the listener a glimpse at Swift’s songwriting talents. Songs such as “Anti-Hero” and “Lavender Haze” are light and upbeat, while others such as “Bigger than the Whole Sky” and “Sweet Nothing” are softer and more somber. It is impressive how Swift maintained the same theme of “sleepless nights” while producing a diverse pallet of songs.

Taylor’s brilliant lyricism is evident throughout “Midnights” and touches on her deepest insecurities and fears. She analyzes her past in “You’re on Your Own Kid” where she dives into the pressures of being placed in the spotlight at an early age. Swift’s vulnerability allows fans to easily connect with her music and feel passionate about her songs, creating a large and substantial fan base.

Credits for her opening week success are mostly due to her ingenious marketing team. Taylor released “easter-eggs” through social media posts and music videos and a calendar to excite her fans and build anticipation. Additionally, Taylor has said in interviews that she plans her albums three years in advance. Eager fans attempt to predict Taylor’s next move by analyzing her work for any hints that might point to future musical endeavors. This marketing strategy successfully builds excitement all the way up to the album's release, giving greater insight into how countless records have been broken.

As speculated, Swift released information about her upcoming “The Eras Tour,” which will pay tribute to all of her albums from “Debut” to “Midnights.” Tickets go on sale Nov. 18, and fans are on high alert for the long-awaited and highly-anticipated tour.

“Midnights” success has already proven to be the pinnacle of Swift’s career. Fans await what she will do next after breaking records, topping charts and touring the nation. With a dedicated fanbase, Swift continues to amaze the music industry with new ideas and powerful lyrics.

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