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TKA delves deeper into competitive esports through addition of Fortnite team

Last year, the Esports games only consisted of Rocket League, League of Legends and Smite. With help and encouragement from junior Chandler Payne, The King’s Academy finally decided to add a Fortnite team.

Following its launch, the Fortnite Esports team has obtained nine players. The players are split into three separate and individual teams that compete in tournaments with schools from all around the world.

“I'm glad that King’s added a Fortnite team and that we are able to compete and hold our own with other high school teams while being able to improve,” said junior Clark Brannon.

The teams compete in tournaments to determine whether or not they make it to the championship. Tournaments take place over seven matches in the game. Throughout the seven games, a point system based on survival and overall kill count determines the winners. At the end of the season, the top 33 teams play from home to compete in the season championship.

While The King’s Academy’s teams are unable to compete from the school due to WiFi and bandwidth issues, the team still competes virtually. Each player participates in tournaments and games from their own homes. The competitions against other schools take place around midday every Monday for all three teams. As of right now, the TKA Fortnite team is on track to compete in the season championship.

“Overall, I hope we’re able to make it to the championship this season and generally improve for the next season,” said Brannon.

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