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TKA family business reveals value of clean eating

The sunlight streaming through the wide storefront windows strikes the leather sofa and comfortable wicker rocking chairs. Open pegged shelving featuring various products all add to the boho vibe. On the left, a high-rise counter hides fresh and healthy ingredients, which will soon be placed in one of the blenders for a refreshing smoothie or bowl. Multiple wooden tables and chairs invite customers to fill the space, and, on Jan. 21 of this year, Eden welcomed the Woodstock community to relax inside its plant-covered walls.

The Beck family decided to open Eden after returning from a trip to New York. Inspired by the juice bars populating the city, the Becks found themselves looking for something that didn’t exist near their home.

“Woodstock is our home,” said store owner Mrs. Stephanie Beck, whose children attend The King’s Academy. “We couldn’t dream of starting a business anywhere but here. When we searched for fresh juice bars, we would find ourselves traveling to Alpharetta, Roswell and Kennesaw. We knew that if our family had this need, others in our local community would as well.”

Seeing the need, Chris and Stephanie Beck set out to create a business that provided the public with healthy, fresh foods that still maintained flavor. In just six short months, Eden was a tangible, up and running establishment. The market for this business was quickly confirmed on opening day by a line stretching out the door for five hours.

Senior Hailey Wright prepares a sample of the Paradise smoothie, which is made with apple juice, mango, pitaya and strawberry. Wright's favorite treat from Eden is the chai chill smoothie which she believes tastes like a milkshake.

“On our first-day opening, it was hard to gauge how busy we would be because we hadn’t done this before,” said Mrs. Beck. “However, the community was very excited and supportive to see us open … Opening weekend was a big turnout, and we are beyond grateful for our community’s support.”

Mrs. Beck partners with her husband and alumni Korie Honaker to manage Eden’s operations. They split the various responsibilities to keep Eden running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Another employee is senior Hailey Wright, who has worked at Eden since its beginning.

“I absolutely love working at Eden because the environment is so welcoming and kind,” said Wright. “I work with some amazing people…Eden is a Christian business, so I am constantly in the presence of God.”

Through word of mouth and Instagram, Eden has attracted people from all over the Woodstock area.

“I love going to Eden…because it’s the perfect meal to have before a [volleyball] game,” said junior Emmalee Nichols. “I most definitely would recommend Eden to a friend.”

The Becks’ community has played a major role in the development and origin of Eden. Before opening, Eden had close to 45 supporters who dedicated time to its expansion. Aside from financial support, these people helped by stocking shelves, cleaning the store and finalizing the last-minute details.

“I wish we could list every single person that helped or contributed,” said Mrs. Beck. “You know who you are, and we are eternally grateful for your sacrifice and support.”


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