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Upcoming Surge, FCA merge opens doors

The student body is soon to see an upgrade to one of their Thursday clubs, Surge. It is currently in the process of merging with a popular and international organization, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. While most areas of the club will remain the same, the Surge leadership is excited to see what new aspects FCA can bring for the school. The change is set to occur at the beginning of the next school year in August.

While the news can generate a few concerns, the leadership team assures people that the main activities from Surge, like chapter meetings with worship and breakfast, will not disappear.

“Everything will pretty much stay the same,” said junior Grace Cassa. “ We will still have our monthly chapter meetings, maybe more. There is still stuff in the works. Our leaders will continue to meet every week to plan and organize our chapter meetings.”

Incorporating FCA into Surge only brings new opportunities. Although the word “athletes” is in the title, the new FCA will not be limited to just athletes. Any student can participate regardless if they play a sport or not. With a larger outreach than the school, FCA allows for students to gain more resources to serve around the area.

“Some things that will change will be, of course, our name and having more service opportunities,” said Cassa. “We will be able to connect with our leaders more with service work and camps, as well as plan more service projects for FCA as a whole.”

Students that attend the Thursday morning chapter meetings recognize the lessons and impact that Surge has had on them over the years.

“Attending Surge has taught me about consistency in my faith,” said junior Kayla Dutton. “I must choose to wake up early every fourth Thursday and go to Surge, not for any benefit but for my faith. As for service projects, they have taught me to put others before myself.”

Along with all the food and music provided, Surge also brought students lasting friendships and memories. The club attendees are not hesitant to enjoy games and goof around together, which makes it stand out from other school organizations.

“I love worshiping with the community, eating some yummy breakfast food, listening to Mac yell at the freshmen to move in closer in the crowd and engaging with our guest speakers and Surge members,” said Cassa. “It is something that you don't typically see at other schools.”

Although change may be approaching, features that made Surge special will never fade out. The whole purpose of Surge will still shine through by serving the community and spreading the love of God.


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