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Varsity volleyball team conquers obstacles in pursuit of State title

Varsity volleyball is in full swing, and the Knights have eyes on the state championship. Topping out at only eight players, this year’s team consists of young and mostly inexperienced players. With only three seniors participating this season, younger players must rise up to secure the continued success of the team. However, the players are not phased by this, and they feel stronger than ever before in their abilities and teamwork.

The Knights continue their season with a 74 percent win rate with no region losses. With each new victory, they get closer to the desired state championship.

“It has been a great season,” said team captain and senior Danielle Gonsoulin. “We have a lot of talented people on our team, and we are aiming to win State. I think we have a good shot at it.”

At the beginning of the season, the team decided to focus on their teamwork and camaraderie, believing it to be the key to their success. Since the first practice, they have been training to communicate with each other and work effectively as a team.

“I just love the team aspect of the sport,” said Gonsoulin. “I’ve had some crazy teams over my volleyball career, and I have to say King’s is definitely the best team I’ve played on.”

The team realizes they cannot rely on camaraderie alone to be successful. Whenever they are not playing at a match, they are in the gym participating in two-hour-long practices to refine their skills for the next game. They begin with a devotional, then later transition into individual drills and practicing rotations.

Due to a shortage of players this season, several underclassmen have needed to step up and help the team play to their full potential. They are a crucial part of the rotation and always encourage their fellow team members. The youngest player, freshman Sarah Jones, is the team’s starting middle hitter and has had overwhelming success in the role. The support from her fellow teammates has helped her grow and feel more confident in her ability to play the sport.

“One thing that I love is how they don’t treat me like I’m younger,” said Jones. “They treat me like I’m their age and don’t look down on me. It helps me improve my game, and it’s super encouraging.”

As the season continues to wind down, the Knights, as always, are striving for the state championship title. It serves as motivation to continue training even harder and keeps each player’s focus on a common goal. Given their current record and team chemistry, the championship title may well be within reach of the Varsity volleyball team if they continue their training and success.


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