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Xbox and Playstation compete for title of best gaming console

Next-gen, better performance, more powerful. This next set of gaming consoles promises to impress on all levels. Both Xbox and Playstation announced their newest consoles within the last year, showcasing impressive specs all-around. With both consoles releasing near the same time, debates have already sparked about which console is the one to buy.

Xbox plans to launch two consoles, both of which will release on Nov. 10. The primary console showcased is the Xbox Series X. The Series X, priced at $500, will end up being the most powerful gaming console on the market, even beating out its competitor, the PS5, when it comes to the Xbox’s specs. The gaming console will be released with 4 key exclusive games and will support backward compatibility between all Xbox One games and select few Xbox 360 games.

“The reason the PS5 just does not come close to the next gen of Xbox is because it doesn’t have much variety,” said senior Nick Ibarra. “ If you are looking for a new Xbox but don’t want to throw your wallet away, you can buy the Xbox Series S. If you do have the money and want a better experience, they have one for you, too,”

Sony, the company behind Playstation, also announced their latest console: the PS5. Similarly to the Series X, the new Playstation will feature powerful, next-gen specs capable of running graphically intensive games. The company also divulged that the PS5 will have two prices. Priced at $500, the more expensive of the of the two, will contain a disc player for physical game copies. A separate version, priced $100 less, will only be able to play digital games. Sony recently revealed that their console will launch Nov. 12.

“I’m getting the PS5 because it can load faster, and I’ve always used a Playstation,” said sophomore Ben Anderson. “I also like that you don't have to pay a monthly subscription for Playstation compared to Xbox where a monthly subscription is required to play most online games.”

Apart from the Series X, Xbox also plans to release the Xbox Series S, the smaller of the two consoles. The Xbox Series S was made to be a more affordable console, costing $200 less than the Series X and containing less powerful hardware. The console is also said to be the smallest released by Xbox to date.

“I think I will choose the Xbox Series S over the PS5 because it is much more affordable,” said sophomore Caleb O’Connell. “$200 is a big difference when most of what you get is birthday or Christmas money.”

The PS5 will feature the DualSense wireless controller, which will differ greatly from previous Playstation controllers, and include features such as a built-in microphone, speaker, built-in battery and motion sensor. The PS5 will also launch with many new exclusive games of its own such as Spiderman, Rift Apart and Horizon.


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