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Opinion: LGBTQ community drives media into new era

illustration by Emma Scrivner


Movies and TV shows these days are more open to including LGBTQ content in films rated PG, G and Y-7. The entertainment industry is including more LGBTQ content in film and TV shows intended for younger audiences, seeking to normalize this lifestyle. The pride movement is increasing in popularity, starting with children at the age of five. It is not uncommon for a child to be influenced and act in a certain way as seen on TV or to pick up language from a character, even if that is LGBTQ content.

Eyes are the window to how people perceive the rest of the world. Disney’s new movie “Lightyear” is rated PG and shows two women engaging in a relationship and giving a brief kiss to each other in one of the scenes. This movie also includes other self-identity depictions and innuendos. One scene includes the space rangers talking with a pride flag waving in the background.

“When I started watching ‘Lightyear,’ the first couple of minutes didn’t seem as bad as I thought,” junior AJ Gonzi said. “But as I kept watching it, content came up of a lesbian relationship, making the rest of the movie unenjoyable for me.”

Not only is Disney releasing more content related to LGBTQ, but Netflix is also releasing PG, G and Y-7 movies and shows with similar content. Animated shows normalizing LGBTQ include: “Jurassic World: Camp Creatacous,” “Ridley Jones” and “Chip and Potato.” Most animated shows including LGBTQ content on Netflix are rated G or Y-7 and are targeted to the younger generation.

“When I babysit I have to be careful with what I choose for the kids to watch. I never trust anything I’ve never seen before because you never know what could come up,” junior Alex Coggins said.

Today’s movie ratings differ from ratings a generation ago. The MPAA system judges maturity based on age, which can be inaccurate or misleading, making the rating factors uneven with movies for any age. Movie ratings today are based on the world’s standards, introducing brief LGBTQ scenes to expose children at a younger age. The more the world seems to accept it, the more movies and shows will introduce LGBTQ content for lower ratings.

“It’s crazy to think that the things I watched and grew up on have changed to more explicit content for kids these days,” Coggins said. “Even Disney shows have gotten worse over the years.”

The media has made a sweeping impact on the rest of society to accept everyone for how they want to be seen. Many of these phrases include, “Be true to yourself,” “Follow your heart,” “Do what makes you happy” and “Be who you want to be.”

It’s important to guard our hearts and approach the emerging media with newfound caution.


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