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The GOAT debate: will Mahomes eclipse Brady's legacy?

Super Bowl LVIII was held on Feb. 11 between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The overtime thriller ended with the Chiefs winning their third championship title in the last five years. After Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes acquired his third Super Bowl ring and third Super Bowl MVP title, the question on everyone’s minds is “Will this newcomer knock the GOAT Tom Brady off his pedestal?” Let's present each of their cases for the title “Greatest of All Time.”

Infographic by Gabriel Potter

First up to the plate is the talented “new kid on the block” Patrick Mahomes. He was picked tenth overall in the 2017 NFL draft. His early career success propelled him into an elite group with his two all-league MVPs. Many widely regard him as the best current player in the NFL, and some say it's not even close. He has played six NFL seasons as the Chiefs starting quarterback and has made it to the Super Bowl an astonishing four times. 

At the young age of 28, Mahomes has never missed the playoffs and boasts six Pro Bowl selections. Mahomes' playoff passer rating at 28 is 105.8, compared to 28-year-old Brady’s score of 89.4. While a three-one Super Bowl record is impressive, it doesn't help that his only Super Bowl loss came at the hands of none other than 43 year old Tom Brady. If Mahomes can keep up this historic pace, he will surpass Brady in most crucial statistics. 

“[Mahomes] has no wide receivers, and he is playing in a division that is much harder than the Patriots,” junior Kris Houston said. “Brady had Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and Randy Moss.” 

Tom Brady, the undisputed GOAT who dominated the league for 23 seasons, was picked 199th overall in the 2000 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots. He spent 20 seasons there and won six Super Bowls. He also spent three seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he won one Super Bowl. Brady has more Super Bowl wins than any other NFL franchise. Brady also has five Super Bowl MVPs and three all-league MVPs. 

Excluding injuries, Brady has missed the playoffs only once. His seemingly superhuman longevity sets him apart from any other player in the league. He competed at an elite level for two decades and never once took his foot off the gas. Brady also seems to have more respect league-wide, due to his work ethic and passion for the game.

“I believe that Mahomes will pass him in statistics, but he won’t get the respect or fame that Brady has,” junior Quinn Turner said. “Brady’s commitment was different than anything we see in the league now.”

It remains to be seen whether Patrick Mahomes can dethrone Tom Brady, but it is safe to say both players have left an indelible mark on the game of football.


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