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Our Teams

The Verve newspaper, website, social media, broadcast and class would not exist without our leadership and teams that work together to make our class run smoothly. 


Editorial Board

This includes our Editor in Chief, Multimedia Chief, Managing Editor, Copy Editor, and Production Manager. This team is always discussing how to improve all aspects of our paper. From the design to the writing to the procedures, this group desires to leave the paper looking and running smoother than it was before!



These students are responsible for designing the physical paper in only four days. They start from scratch with only 22 articles and pictures and turn them into a newspaper.



Any content published on our social media, website or broadcast is created by this team. They work together to promote our paper and capture the hard work our staff puts into the Verve every week. The goal is to have easy access to our content across multiple platforms.


Staff Writers

As new members on the Verve, staff writers have the opportunity to observe every aspect of the paper. They write and help other veteran staff members in any way possible, while also considering what job they may want to hold in the future. 



These ladies work extremely hard to oversee all aspects of the paper. They tirelessly edit every article that is written, and when it is time to lay out the paper, they commit their week to edit every PDF until the paper is as perfect as possible. The paper would not be possible without their continued support and advice. 

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