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ACTS Drama club prepares for second annual showcase

From left, Maddie Miller, Evelyn Lubben, Vandy Reddish and Virginia Battaglia read the music script for the song “Raise Your Voice” from "Sister Act The Musical." Senior Audrey Floyd, alongside the senior company, will perform “Raise Your Voice” as the lead song, encompassing the overall theme of the showcase gala.

Director Mrs. Cloud demonstrates how to display comical robbers to freshman Camden Jones and senior Rachel Solomon. The skit “The Bremen Town Musicians” will be incorporated along with other skits from various plays.

photos by Marianne McClure


The ACTS drama club is spearheaded by directors Jamey Wood and Meredith Cloud, who are working to carefully plan and execute the second annual Showcase Gala on Dec. 3. This event aims to highlight all aspects of Fine Arts and to fundraise for new equipment. Students are given creative freedom when choosing their performance pieces, utilizing their strengths and talents to perform in a professional setting.

“We found we enjoyed having another show,” Mrs. Cloud said. “It shows completely different strengths than a structured play and musical.”

The directors aim to give each performer more experience by expanding their acting repertoire. Unlike other ACTS productions, this event is staged as a formal gala. Performers dress in long evening dresses and suits.

“Performing in [this] way is good for a student who wants to pursue something more professional,” Mrs. Cloud said. “It gives them a different way of performing, and any type of performance as a student gives you experience.”

The students will perform an array of songs from various musicals while directors Mrs. Cloud, Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Lisa Rosemond will sing solos along with a trio performance accompanied by the Senior Company.

“Being able to perform on a very small scale gives us more validity as directors,” Mrs. Cloud said. “I think it is important for them to see that we can do it.”

Over the course of many years, The Fine Arts Academy has seen significant benefits from each of its productions. The gala functions as a fundraiser, allocating funds for a new lighting system and new head mics.

“Last year, we were able to purchase our sound system because of the money we made off the show [“Breaking Up is Hard to Do”] and the money that was donated,” Mrs. Cloud said.

Every Thursday before Dec. 3, the students gather in the Fine Arts theater to rehearse. Those participating in different acts gather together in different parts of the theater. The senior company along with the soloists, duets and trios gather inside the theater to read through all of the songs being sung in the showcase. All students involved with acting skits rehearse in the lobby of the Fine Arts Building. In the choir room, the junior company practices for their group songs. Everyone within this community aims to put on an entertaining performance for the audience in December.

“I have been friends with a lot of these people my entire high school career, and just getting to work with them is so much fun,” senior Joshua Davenport said. “We’re hanging out, but we’re also putting on a show to entertain other people.”

As rehearsals have started, students in the Showcase Gala work hard to meet a common goal of providing the audience with a memorable performance. Each performer has a special love for the theater which they aim to display the night of the gala.

“I like the freedom it gives you while still making goals,” senior Rachel Solomon said. “You get to choose what you want to do but also have the ultimate goal of performing. I am free to do what I want, but I still work hard for it.”


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