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Alumni launches inspired music career

Alumni Tim Brummel surprised his wife, Rachel, on their 10 year anniversary with a new project he had been working on: 11 songs penned and performed by him, written for her. His first song, “That’s All We’ll Ever Need,” was released on Sept. 25, and his most recent song, “I’d Do It All Again,” was released on Oct. 16. The remaining nine will be released gradually throughout late 2020 and early 2021.

Just like any great artist, Brummel draws most of his inspiration from personal experience, primarily from his marriage.

“As someone that sings and writes songs, there’s always this draw to write songs for my wife,” said Brummel.

His goal to accurately convey the highs, lows and in betweens of a relationship shines through in his lyrics.

“A lot of pop songs and love songs you hear don’t really reflect that as much,” said Brummel. “The songs really reflect the good and the bad of what relationships can be.”

His first song, “That’s All We’ll Ever Need,” focuses on the joy that comes with a relationship. Brummel sings, “As long as we have each other, that’s all we’ll ever need,” conveying the age-old theme of unconditional love.

“I’d Do It All Again” features the lyric, “not always easy, but it’s our life, and I’d do it again and again a thousand times,” acknowledging that, despite the hardships, relationships are ultimately worth the hard work and dedication.

Brummel also leads worship at Revolution Church in Canton and is a part of the church’s new worship band, Rev Music.


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