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Christian celebrities raise awareness for anti-human trafficking

January is Slavery and Anti-Human Trafficking awareness month. Former NFL player, Tim Tebow, and Christian singer, Tauren Wells, are raising money and awareness for anti-human trafficking. Wells released a new song, “All God’s Children,” on Dec. 31. One hundred percent of proceeds from the song go to the Tim Tebow Foundation’s Anti-Human Trafficking ministry.

On Jan. 4, starting at 10 a.m., Tebow and Wells encouraged listeners to play “All God’s Children” on repeat for 24 hours. This enabled them to raise more money and get the song on top charts to raise the public awareness of their cause.Wells wants to raise awareness and remind people that human trafficking is something that is happening. He wants to use this song to confront his listeners with the tragic result of human trafficking on young people around the world.

“I think there’s a lot of people who are aware of the issue of human trafficking, but who have never really been confronted with it,” said Wells. “That was me for a long time. Learning about what is really going on did something inside of me. I had no choice but to give everything I have to the fight.”

“Human trafficking is an offense to the sanctity of human life,” said the Tim Tebow Foundation. “It is not only a crime, it is pure evil.” The foundation works to help with anti-human trafficking by investing in programs that preserve and strengthen families, partnering with missions who help the needs of victims and supporting survivors recovery.

Forty million people are victims of human trafficking in the world today. The United States is the world’s leading consumer of human trafficking, and one in four victims of trafficking are children. Tebow and Wells have a mission to save the victims.

“We talk about a rescue mission,” says Tebow. “There's a timeline, a sense of urgency and a purpose behind it. But I tell you what, we’re going to rescue as many as we can.” Wells feels like human trafficking is not taken seriously enough. People know that it is a problem, but most people don’t focus on it.

In “All God’s Children,” Wells says, “I don't need the news to legitimize it No turning away, no choosing silence. I gotta respond to what I've seen.”

Tebow and Wells want people to get involved. They are calling people to join their teams to fight against this worthy cause. People can sign up to be an influencer, a member of the prayer team or donor.

"Has God ever opened your eyes to a problem, to a need, to injustice, to a hurting person?” said Tebow. “If so, He's probably telling you to get off your butt and go do something about it."


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