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Chromebooks provide students with reliable technology

Chromebooks allow teachers and students access to reliable technology, improving the quality of classroom time. The fairly new addition to the curriculum positively impacts teachers and students.

School-issued Chromebooks were introduced exclusively to middle school three years ago. As those middle schoolers entered high school, administration continued to provide the Chromebooks for rising freshmen. Currently, grades sixth through tenth use the administered Chromebooks.

“We use Chromebooks in at least one class every school day, and often we use them in most classes,” freshman Gracie Bardin said.

Chromebooks allow students to easily pack a mobile device, ensuring all students can access basic education requirements and enabling teachers to regain lost instructional classroom time.

“Teachers love Chromebooks because they are reliable and easy to learn,” high school Principal Anglea Crevar said. “Students are able to help each other [because of the similar technology medium].”

Uniform computers allow students who notice issues with Chromebooks easy access to technology help. Teachers no longer have to balance lecturing and being a technology wizard. Now they can depend on the painless and cost-free support system, led by Mrs. Tina Davis. Although some people are not tech -savvy, students who are, lend a helping hand.

“Most of the time, I can help solve some of my peers’ minor technical problems because everyone has the same computers,” Bardin said.

Although monitoring tests and quizzes on a lockdown browser is a frequent traditional use, teachers integrate Chromebooks in the classroom by using reciprocating websites such as Kahoot or Quizlet live in more intriguing ways.

“Unique ways teachers have used the computers is by opening a Google Meets session during class and turning the whiteboard feature interactive,” Mrs. Crevar said.

Outside of the classroom, students’ usage of Chromebooks varies. Some may have a personal computer or shared family desktop to complete homework, but many depend on the school Chromebooks to accomplish home assignments.

“Because my personal laptop is aged, I use my school computer to do my homework assignments,” freshman Naomi Corsini said. “I’m already logged into all the programs we use, so it is faster than my home computer.”

At the end of the school year, students return the Chromebooks to the school. Mrs. Davis’s technology team assesses the computers and ships off the Chromebooks to be updated. This procedure helps maintain the computers for redistribution in the following school year. The past three years have proven the usefulness of school computers and shed light on the technological future of academics.

“So far, the Chromebooks have been a great resource to help; we do hope to continue using them in the future,” Mrs. Crevar said.


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