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Emerging fashion trends inspire autumn changes among teens

Clockwise from left: Hailey Beiber walks down the streets of New York City in chunky Bottega Veneta loafers (photo by @Sarahharper37); Anne Hathaway sports the grandma aesthetic with a white airy button down shirt with cream high waisted pants, then added her own flair with black sunglasses and a beach hat (photo by @annehathaway); the Birkenstock shoe company flashes their new Boston Birkenstock Loafers on Aug. 9, 2022, advertising the shoes release to their followers (photo by @Birkenstock).


As the leaves begin to fall and the mood shifts, autumn is welcomed with open arms. It is time to embrace this season’s fashion and throw out that crunchy t-shirt you’ve been wearing all summer long. Styles such as trousers, parachute pants, oversized jackets, denim on denim and cargo bottoms are all making a reappearance.

The feel of this season’s fashion is classic and timeless pieces. The inspiration for creating this ongoing style of the year surfaces from mixing and matching the Y2K and the ‘90s eras. One unexpected trend showing up on Tiktok is the “Coastal Grandmother” aesthetic.

“I would describe this aesthetic as a girl who wants to be a beach girl, but she doesn’t want to be ‘basic,’ so she adopts the style of her wealthy grandmother who lives near the coast (calmer colors, quiet and carefree)," sophomore Annagrace Peacock said. "It is effortless, but we all know that she chose every outfit based on that aesthetic.”

Many celebrities like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Anne Hathaway have hopped on this trend.

Anne Hathaway shared a picture of herself decked out from head to toe in “Coastal Grandma” apparel, captioning the Instagram post, “I have been ready for #coastalgrandmother chic before Tiktok was born. May this moment never end.”

An easier way to elevate your style without breaking the bank or tossing out the whole closet is to update your shoes. When selecting shoes, it is important to seek comfort and versatility over stiffness and impracticality. One of the season’s top shoe choices remains to be the controversial “Boston Birkenstocks” with socks.

“They are kinda cute just with certain things and definitely should not be worn without socks. They look comfy and would look cute with sweatpants or something,” sophomore Ella Rose Livingston said.

While some people are loving the feel of comfort over style, others would prefer a more fashionable shoe.

“I think it looks like a Birkenstock trying to be flat but also trying to be a slipper,” Peacock said.

Other shoes of this season include chunky loafers, cowboy boots, dad sneakers, Adidas Sambas and New Balance shoes.

As the weather drops, jackets are an essential closet staple. Bombers, blazers, leather jackets and oversized jackets are this season’s fashion, especially jackets with collars.

Blazers are seen draped over midi dresses or skirts and paired with knee high boots. Bomber jackets could easily be styled with your favorite jeans and sweater. All of these essentials can be paired with anything. Finding outfits from these sets of clothes just takes some experimenting of determining what you like to wear.

There is nothing really new when it comes to fashion. Eventually all fashion comes full circle. In the end everyone has different thoughts of fashion, but the ideas of others should not stop you from owning and developing your own style. All that truly matters is that you feel confident.

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