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Family Fued- A new TKA tradition

James staples responded with Whale as an Animal that he wished “Noah had not brought on the Ark” which produced immense laughter from audiences and hosts.

photo by Evelyn Lubben


Student Leadership Council hosted a Family Feud house competition on Friday March 10 in the Bernadine Cantrell Theatre. Student Leadership council spent weeks planning out the logistics of this event. From crafting student polls for questions to professionally publicizing the event, SLC prepared an interactive and fun Friday night experience.

“We started the planning process at the beginning of February by sending out polls to the student body with questions we used in the game night,” said SLC President Thomas Lubben. “The polls gave us resources for having funny, interactive questions.”

Hundreds of students attended the event hosted by President Thomas Lubben and Senior Rep. Matthew Iredale. Lubben and Iredale came dressed as Steve Harvey and kept viewers on their feet with hilarious commentary. The Theta family competed first against Pi, with Pi winning in the third round of questions.

In the next round, Delta and Sigma competed. Sigma house won by over one hundred points. The competition ramped up in the final round as Pi and Sigma faced off. Sigma pulled out the win when Pi house members could not think of another name for money for the final question.

Sigma house will receive 500 points for their win and other prizes for the house members who competed.

“Student Leadership council will definitely do this event again in the future,” said Lubben. “It was a major success, and the students really enjoyed the event which is exactly what SLC hoped for.”


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