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Fashion Do’s and Don’ts by the class of 2021

As the class of 2021 finishes their last high school festivities and moves on to pick outfits for graduation day, it is remarkable how much fashion has changed over the course of their time as students. The class that began kindergarten during the era of knee-high gladiator sandals now prepares to graduate in their Nike Air Forces and flared jeans.

The class of 2021 began second grade in 2010. This year marked the beginning of a refined and enhanced decade of fashion but was also the year of mustache prints, shorts layered over leggings, shoulder pads and Silly Bandz.

“Silly Bandz are the most memorable trend for me,” said senior Josie Shope. “My sister and I used to collect them and trade with all our friends. I had around 200 Silly Bandz.”

Others reminisce on the fashion trends of 2010 less fondly. As cool as it was 11 years ago, we all “mustache” if it was really worth it.

“My least favorite fashion trend over the last 13 years would have to be mustaches on everything,” said senior Macy Green. “Do I need to explain?”

Outside of seniors’ everyday styles, uniforms have always been a part of their experience at school. Many consider them a blessing, while others despise not being able to wear their own clothes.

“Uniforms at TKA do not bother me at all,” said Green. “It is actually a relief being able to wake up and know what I am going to be wearing that day for school.”

The senior class entered high school in August, 2018. With this new chapter of life, the class was introduced to prom and homecoming.

“My favorite homecoming outfit was a silk, pink dress that I found at a vintage thrift store in Athens,” said senior Daley Freeman. “I love the color, and it is super unique to think who might have worn it before me. I love thrifting because it saves me so much money, and I find unique pieces that I would not be able to find anywhere else.”

Experimentation is the common theme among many seniors’ styles. As the trends continue to change over the years, some awkward looks have been added to many seniors’ embarrassing past.

“The most embarrassing look was the outfit I wore to orientation in seventh grade,” said Freeman. “I wore long soccer shorts, an ugly tie-dye green t-shirt, indoor soccer shoes and a Kavu bag.”

With 13 years of fashion experience, seniors now prepare to graduate and face the fashion successes and failures to come.

“If I could summarize fashion from the last 13 years, I would describe it as vintage modern,” said Shope. “There are so many old trends that come back alongside the new ones.”


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