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‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ meets basic expectations

The most recent film in the “monsterverse” has left fans debating whether a giant monkey or giant lizard is the superior titan. “Godzilla vs. Kong” was recently released to theaters and HBO Max and has since received mixed reviews.

“Godzilla vs. Kong” strays from its predecessors in most aspects, except for the inclusion of giant monsters. Instead of the stereotypical good vs. bad monster, the film pits two “good” monsters against each other in a layout similar to “Batman v Superman.”

For the most part, the movie excels in visuals and contains a multitude of stunning scenes. Both of the main players showcase stunningly realistic VFX and fit naturally into their surroundings. Coupled with the many artificial environments and effects, the highlights of the movie are undoubtedly during the major monster scenes.

While it may excel in visuals, the movie falls short when it comes to plot and storytelling. Many of the movie’s major plot points and events are poorly written and come off as laughable and comedic.

“Godzilla vs. Kong” follows two main storylines: one primarily following Kong and the other following a group of mindless humans as they guide the audience from one event to another. The “monsterverse” has always been plagued by poor human interactions. The characters’ lack of depth and common sense become painstakingly apparent the more they are on screen.

One of the main groups of humans includes Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown), her friend Josh (Julian Dennison) and conspiracy theorist Bernie (Brian Tyree Henry). Throughout the movie, the trio of humans take it upon themselves to wander through the stereotypical evil corporation, thinking that they can somehow stop its schemes. As the group delves further into the facility, and stupidity, it becomes clear that they have no purpose but to spew exposition and act as comedic relief.

Meanwhile, the story following Kong carries more interest and action as the humans attempt to guide him to the center of the Earth. This involves the new mention of the Hollow Earth theory, in which a subterranean titan environment exists. On the way to said habitat, Kong and the humans are briefly confronted by Godzilla. Unfortunately, little action takes place between the two until the final parts of the film

In the final half hour of the movie, Godzilla and Kong finally face-off in all-out combat. The fight itself lives up to expectations and validates the film’s title. It then takes a twist when we learn the tech company, known as “Apex Cybernetics,” has been the enemy the entire time. At this point, the two titans team up to fight the common enemy. While the fight looks stunning, some of the moves and attacks are comically outlandish.

Overall, “Godzilla vs. Kong” is an enjoyable watch for those just looking to see giant monsters beat each other up but fails to deliver a cohesive and reasonable story.

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