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Homecoming protocols alter dance format

Thanks to COVID-19, questions regarding Homecoming 2020 have swarmed in students’ minds since the beginning of the school year. Just when they were beginning to lose hope, forming ideas of a possible “Foco,” or fake homecoming, administration noticed other large dance events occurring, such as other schools’ homecoming or weddings, and decided it would be safe to proceed with homecoming as long as certain safety protocols were met.

Health Director Mrs. Tina Barker said, “I really want the students to have a dance. At the same time, I want the students to be safe, so we want to do it in a way that we can be wise and not put them at any greater risk than they already are for getting COVID.”

Homecoming will look extremely different this year, as many students have predicted. The dance will be referred to as the Fall Fling rather than Homecoming since it occurs later in the season. To safely conduct the Fall Fling, it will be held at a semi-outdoor venue in Cumming, Ga. known as Silver City Farms, which belongs to a TKA family. The dance will be held on Sunday, Nov. 15 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. to allow students enough time to return home. Unfortunately, only students enrolled at The King’s Academy are able to attend to minimize outside contact with COVID-19. Student IDs will be required at check-in to ensure that everyone follows this guideline.

hat everyone follows this guideline. “I do understand and sympathize that we cannot allow dates, friends and teammates who are not enrolled at TKA to attend,” said Mrs. Sandra Breaden. “Again, Lord willing, that restriction is for this year only.”

To maximize safety, temperatures will be taken at the door and masks will be encouraged. Families will be required to submit waivers indicating that nobody in their family has COVID, is quarantined or is displaying any symptoms.

Although the dance will look different this year, it does not mean the enjoyment has to. Tickets will cost $25 and can be found in an email sent to the student body.


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