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Is the Apple vs. Android war finally over?

Apple and Android users all around the globe struggle with the difficulties of communicating with one another. Certain features available to Apple users are not compatible with the text messaging system of an Android phone. These discrepancies only added to the prestige of the coveted iPhone, drawing many Americans to the Apple side. 

The United Nations questioned whether Apple’s iMessaging system created a monopoly in the tech industry over Android's RCS messaging system. In the end, the United Nations ruled that iMessaging created a monopoly among the tech industry and instructed Apple to change their messaging system to RCS. 

Apple and Android users are on the fence about whether they think this change would be beneficial. While some embrace the change to make iPhones less supreme, some are still hesitant to adopt the idea of unity among all smart phone users. 

“I feel as if avid Apple users and avid Android users both believe stereotypes about the others,” junior Caroline Beckham said. 

While many may perceive this change as intentionally knocking Apple off of their prized pedestal, some welcome the change, as it generates equality among all smartphone users. Junior Alana Baillairge, a previous Android user, is among those excited for the new changes coming to Apple.

“I have friends with Android phones, and if this change will make communication with them easier (and closer to natural conversation), then I am all for the change,” Baillairge said. “However, if Apple phones have to be repeatedly updated to support changes in Android phones, it may get a little tedious.”

While changes to Apple’s messaging system may help improve communication between the two rivals, there are still many distinctive differences in Apple that set them apart from their competitors. 

“I’d say they’ve both got benefits,” Beckham said. “Apple has better software than Android, but I think Androids have better hardware. If you drop an Apple phone on the ground, it will most likely shatter into a million pieces. If you drop an Android, it will fall to the ground with a THUNK and then be completely fine.”

Time will only tell whether this change set to be implemented in late 2024 will improve the fractured relationship between Apple and Android users. In the future, Apple may consider breaking down all of the barriers between its prized system, allowing Apple and Android users access to a unified system. 

“It would be cool if they allowed people with an Apple ID but no phone number to text Androids,” Baillairge said. 


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