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'Mario' movie promotes both excitement and disappointment

While the cast was announced during May 2022, Nintendo first announced plans to start producing the “Super Mario Bros” movie in collaboration with Universal and Illumination back in Jan. 2018.

photo by @supermariomovie


An icon for multiple generations, everyone’s favorite Italian plumber has found a new way into today’s media. With the announcement of a new “Super Mario Bros” movie, curiosity and controversy are on the rise.

After the cast was announced on Sept. 23, 2021, many people assumed the “Mario” movie was a joke. However, with the release of the official trailer earlier this October, fans have taken an overwhelming liking to the movie.

“I thought that the trailer was very good and think that it’s really cool that they’re finally implementing a new ‘Mario’ adaptation onto the big screen,” senior Joel Esasky said. “I do think some of the animation looks off, such as Mario’s face, but other than that, it looks really fun, and I would definitely go see it in theaters.”

The movie boasts a large cast of household names to fill its lineup of characters. Jack Black voices the movie’s main antagonist, Bowser, while other actors such as Seth Rogan, Charlie Day, Anya- Taylor Joy and Chris Pratt form the rest of the cast.

“The movie looks promising, and I personally love how Chris Pratt voices Mario,” sophomore Adam King said. “I don’t believe anyone else could’ve fit the role and captured Mario’s true essence like Pratt can.”

Originating as a video game, “Super Mario Bros” has received multiple adaptations into cinema, both in a live- action movie and animated cartoon series. However, modern day technology has allowed for a more refined and accurate representation of the franchise.

“They can really hit a home run with this movie as long as they don't add any unnecessary scenes,” King said. “Overall the animation in the movie looks stunning, and I really hope it does well in theaters.”

Despite the movie’s appearance, many find the casting of some of the characters to be lackluster and disrespectful. The main source of contention is Chris Pratt voicing Mario.

Many avid Mario fans believe it should be someone of Italian descent to voice the main character, especially after hearing Chris Pratt’s non-existent accent during the trailer.

“I will say, it’s kinda weird how there are American accents and how the Italian characters seem more American,” Esasky said. “While it adds a little bit of comedy, it’s missing the familiar catchphrases and over all feel.”

Following the trend with movies like “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Uncharted,” the film industry’s latest video game production could lead to future movie opportunities. The inclusion of characters such as Donkey Kong, Luigi and Princess Peach opens a clear pathway for the franchise to branch off into different films.

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