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New worship group offers listeners a new sound

Maverick City Music, a worship group created in 2019, has made waves in the Christian music industry with a new innovative sound. Their music has proved different than the typical worship music, intriguing a wider audience and becoming a favorite among listeners.

Founded in Atlanta by Tony Brown and Jonathan Jay, the dream of Maverick City Music was to join people together with the passion and in-your-face message of the gospel. According to, the definition of the word maverick is “unorthodox, unconventional, or nonconformist.” That is Maverick City’s goal, and they have successfully created an unconventional sound for their listeners.

“My favorite thing by far about Maverick City is the way that they worship the Lord,” said senior Anna Evans. “Some worship songs I’ve listened to from other artists tend to have their focus on the vocals/production aspect of the song rather than the whole point of singing: to worship Him who has rescued us.”

Chandler Moore, a member or Maverick City Music, passionately leads a group of

people in worship to the Lord.

Their unique and passionate worship music has resulted in millions of fans, thousands of downloads, plus a large social media audience.

“It feels very powerful,” said sophomore Colin Harrison. “I like how much they sing with soul and how much feeling they put into how they sing.”

Unlike most music artists, who only release one album every few years, Maverick City released six in 2021. They have produced albums with Elevation Worship and UPPERROOM church in Dallas, Texas.

“I like how you can tell how based on scripture it is,” said sophomore Alex Coggins.

Maverick City is made up of many members. They have a few Christian artists involved in their group, including Brandon Lake and Dante Bowe of Bethel Music. Some of their original members, like Chandler Moore, have gained more attention with the platform they have with Maverick City. Moore was recently featured in several Justin Bieber songs.

Junior Mac Duren said, “My favorite part of Maverick City is solely Brandon Lake.”

Maverick City is a part of TRIBL records, and together they have hosted many “tribl nights” this year. These events are live recording sessions in a concert-like setting. Tickets are open and free to anyone. Most of these nights included live streams on YouTube with edited videos released at later dates.

One unique thing about Maverick City is its music videos. They record their music in big group settings, making the videos very uncommon and different from the average worship video.

Maverick City is currently on tour with Christian rapper Lecrae. Each stop of their tour will feature the original Maverick City members. Plus, many of their special guests will be touring in select cities. This will add to the fresh and unique feel associated with Maverick City shows.

Some of Maverick City’s most popular songs are “I Thank God,” “Promises” and “Jireh.” Many of their songs have topped Christian music charts and continue to gain a wider audience.

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