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Prom creates lasting memories for students

Music boomed across the dance floor as over 200 upperclassmen filled Venue 92 for this year’s prom on April 23. With school coming to an end, prom is one of the last high school events that seniors attend. This is their opportunity to make lasting memories with friends before turning the page on the next chapter of their lives.

“I loved the intentional time I got to spend with my friends surrounding the dance,” senior Annie Powell said. “I had so much fun getting dressed up and taking pictures together.”

Since the weather cooperated, providing sunny skies and mild temps, students took to various outdoor locations for pre-prom photoshoots. From local parks to historical homes to backyards, the party-goers modeled their rented tuxes and sequinned dresses.

The smaller crowds and familiarity of attendees gave students the opportunity to spend time together and bond with classmates and friends. This more exclusive event also highlights the uniqueness of the upperclassmen and gives seniors an opportunity to be recognized for finishing out their high school careers.

“I think the most unique part about prom is the fact that it's mostly juniors and seniors who are allowed to go” senior Joe Wages said. “The atmosphere is also great because prom allows you to get a bit fancier than homecoming or Black and White. I wore a tuxedo to prom instead of just a normal suit.”

As students arrived at Venue 92, they were greeted by teachers and staff members. Mr. Watkins, Mrs. Emily Wood and Mrs. Ashley Smith were only a few of the many chaperones who attended the event. After having their student IDs scanned at the door, students proceeded to the dance floor where former middle school bible teacher, Mr. Ormsby, DJ’d a night of dancing, socializing and celebrating.

“My favorite part about prom was hanging out and dancing with all my friends to great music. I just loved the time I got to spend with my friends this year on the dance floor,” said Powell.

Artists like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran entertained the audience. The music spanned genres, anything from rap to disco tunes blared from the speakers.

“My personal favorite song they played was Dancing Queen.” said junior Bella Garmon. “You really can’t go wrong with any Abba song.”

One of the most memorable moments of the night was the senior recognition ceremony, where seniors walked down from the upstairs balcony of Venue 92 to the dance floor. At precisely 9 o’clock, seniors glided down the staircase, while their fellow classmates and teachers cheered.

“I think the walk down, introducing all the seniors, was fun,” Wages said. “Just being able to have all the seniors in the spotlight, since it's their last prom, was very enjoyable.”


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