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Seniors prepare for final summer at home: bucket list inspiration

Seniors are quickly approaching their final summer before entering a new phase of life. Their future is on the horizon, but summer is possibly the final time they will be able to connect with certain friends and family. Many seniors are attending a trip to Disney World and Universal, and several groups are visiting a beach or even another country.

However, for those spending the summer at home, the desire for exciting activities is exceeding, but ideas are lacking. This summer brings freedom with the sky as the limit as the country opens, and COVID restrictions finally settle down. Seniors are guaranteed to have an amazing, relaxing and unforgettable summer with the ideas below.

Take a road trip. Gather some friends and take a day-long road trip! Hike or see the sunset over a beautiful horizon somewhere new. Try the “Ultimate Georgia Waterfalls Roadtrip,” which guides you through visiting ten of the most beautiful waterfalls in Georgia. Visit for the guided trip through the state!

Have a bonfire. Invite friends and family to a backyard bonfire with no distractions. Put phones away, and invest in conversation with one another. Let the conversation lead itself, and let it be a time of connection!

Get creative. Bored? Hop in your car and drive to Michaels. Get crafty, and have fun with it. A few ideas to get you started are: make a chunky knit blanket, trace a photo on glass, create wall decor, hang a photo wall, make cloud lights or rearrange your room. Create something special for someone close to you. Pick up a new hobby like painting, reading or scrapbooking. Pinterest is your friend!

Pan for gold. Head over to Dahlonaga and visit Crisson Gold Mine! Pan for gold and discover unique stones to broaden your rock collection. Maybe even compete with friends over who can find more goods. Alternatively, go to Home Depot and grab a panning kit before heading to Blanket’s Creek! Just hop in the water and see what you can find.

Go to the beach with friends. See if a friend has a beach house you can all go to or all pitch in to stay in a hotel! Take a trip to connect with your closest friends and make amazing memories. If the coast is too far, take a day trip to Acworth Beach and spend the whole day letting loose!

Visit an unfamiliar local attraction. Whether you’ve lived in Georgia your whole life or you just moved here last year, there are so many places that are worth paying a visit! Check out the Georgia Aquarium, Rock City Gardens, World of Coca-Cola, Stone Mountain or many more!

Before official adulthood begins, spend your last summer making unforgettable memories with the people you love most.


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