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‘Shang-Chi’ focuses on world building for Marvel

Disney released “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” on Sept. 3. The movie features actor Simu Lui as a Chinese hero. Most of the previously introduced Marvel characters defend their societies with special weapons or powers. “Shang-Chi,” however, does not include a character with miraculous power but features a hero with honed natural abilities.

“Shang-Chi’s” primary focus is martial arts. The movie incorporates multiple elements from Chinese culture such as dragons, guardian lions, rice porridge and shrines to the dead. The stunning costumes also accurately represent Chinese culture. Such unique and interesting elements spark interest and expose watchers to a different way of life.

While the past Marvel movies build upon the existing plot and characters, “Shang-Chi” focuses on a new world and creates another branch of the Marvel Cinematic Universes.

“Many other solo movies were setting up teams and leading us towards the Infinity War, while this one felt as if it was focusing on introducing us to a whole new part of MCU,” said sophomore El Casteel.

Katy Chen, played by Awkwafina, is “Shang-Chi’s” best friend who sticks by his side throughout the movie. While watching the movie, viewers witnessed an array of scenery and plot twists. Since the ten rings were included in the title, many people were confused to see that the ten rings terrorist group wasn't explained or mentioned more.

“I expected there to be more about the ten rings group and why they were called that, but there wasn’t a whole lot on that,” said sophomore Ema Vogli.

Vogli describes the movie as a more mystical and magical centered film when compared to other movies with mafia-like action. Marvel seems to do really well with the fight action scenes that most viewers are used to seeing.

“Once they were in Ta-Lo, I felt like every second I was looking wide eyed at a new creature or stunning landscape,” said Casteel.

“Shang Chi’s” characters are interesting and make sense with the storyline Marvel wanted to create. The majority of viewers’ expectations came true, giving “Shang-Chi” a satisfying and complete ending.

This movie is just the start of what Marvel is coming out with next. Marvel is introducing new worlds and characters and will soon release the latest Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther and Spider-Man movies.

“They [the new movies] are going to be more emotional. They aren’t having to hold as much as they did with the original movies,” Vogli said.

The original marvel movies have all of their opponents from the same timeline or universe. In comparison, upcoming marvel movies will incorporate more of the multiverse and the quantum realm.

“All the magic and the beginning of the multiverse is like nothing we’ve seen [...],” Casteel said.


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