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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ sets to revolutionize Marvel’s movie industry

Spider-Man: No Way Home” appears to be Marvel’s biggest hit yet after its mind-boggling popularity streaked across the internet. The revolutionary film sets to blend together all three iterations of the Spider-Man series in a crossover fans have only dreamed about.

The legendary teaser trailer, released on Aug. 23, managed to rocket into the spot of ‘most viewed trailer’ within just 24 hours of release. It received over 355 million views, overtaking the previous record holder, “Avengers: Endgame,” by a significant margin of around 60 million views.

“I think the energy and excitement around Marvel’s newest film has got to be centered around the nostalgic presence that the producers are incorporating into ‘Spider-Man No Way Home,’” said junior Seth Smith. “Bringing memories and even direct actors from the old Spider-Man movies is an incredible marketing strategy that will, and already has, brought nothing but success to the movie.”

While nothing has been confirmed, fans are clinging to the hope that Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield will join Tom Holland on screen.

“I think that, so far, they’ve done a great job with Spidey in the MCU, and the rumors floating around about Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield coming back are super exciting because I love Tobey Maguire,” said senior Ryan Gordon. “But I hope they keep it about Tom’s Spider-Man and not push him to the side to prioritize the multiverse stuff.”

Fan-made poster depicts all the rumored villians and actors returning for the film. While only three villains have been confirmed, fans hope for a full sinister six line-up.

Theories have already been spewed left and right all over social media, many of which center around Dr. Strange, who will act as the catalyst for the multiverse event. Many theorists suspect an ulterior motive behind Strange’s willingness to be involved with Spider-Man in the film.

“Honestly, I hope there’s not too much Dr. Strange involvement in the film,” said junior Isaiah Sims. “It’s a Spider-Man movie, not a Dr. Strange movie. Either way, as long as it has good writing and direction, I think the movie will turn out extremely well.”

While still retaining its secrecy, the trailer reveals the return of past actors, and their villains, from the past film series. Alfred Molina, who played Doc Ock in “Spider-Man 2,” has been the source of much excitement following his cameo and infamous line of dialogue in the trailer. Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Green Goblin have also been confirmed to make a return in the new film and are featured with their signature weapons. These combinations and cameos suggest the build up of Spider-Man’s most iconic foes, The Sinister Six.

“I think it's really cool that they brought back the original actors for the movie. But I hope they end up fixing Electro to be more comic-accurate instead of the ‘Amazing Spider-man’ version,” said Sims.


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