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Student athletes long to establish home field

Purchased in 2016, the 10.68 acres of land directly across the street from The King’s Academy anticipates its intended purpose of hosting lively sports games at the new home field.

For the past six years, the houses located on the property have been rented and used as storage.

“The Board had been looking for property to be able to build athletic fields for several years, so when this property became available, we purchased it quickly,” said Academic Dean and Business Officer Mrs. Jamey Wood.

According to Mrs. Wood, they plan to build a large multi-use field surrounded by a track. In addition, there will be at least two practice fields. Beginning construction depends on when the permits are received. Once King’s has the permit for Phase One, which includes the main field, the project is estimated to take six to nine months. The next phase includes buildings for a press box, locker rooms, bathrooms and concession stands.

Athletic fields and necessary buildings are costly, but The King’s Academy raised over one million dollars for this project alone. Events, such as Restaurant Spirit Nights, Rent-a-Rock, the lunch program, the book fair, the spirit store and spirit days contribute to the funding of a future athletic complex.

“The committee is focused on helping create and implement a Business Partner Program and on providing the school with input from the coaches about what is needed at the Sports Complex,” said fundraising committee member Ms. Allison Turner.

After many years of renting fields and traveling long distances to practice and play, the Knights’ athletes will have a place to call home where friends and family can conveniently attend.

“Having our own athletic fields has a lot of benefits, including less travel time for our teams and not searching for practice or game fields,” said Mrs. Wood. “We believe it will build our community presence, as well as build school spirit.”

Although the Knights’ athletes have had great success at various fields, competing at their home field will boost team spirit and confidence.

“A home field is a place to gather for Friday night football games, cheer on the team, watch TKA Track team earn another medal and shout from the sidelines for our boys and girls soccer teams in the state championship,” said Ms. Turner.

The school board works earnestly to start the massive project as teammates and fans anticipate a spirited home game on a beautiful sports field. On or off-field and in or out of office, The King’s Academy works collectively to cheer on one another.

“Our student athletes are engaged in the pursuit of excellence on the court or field; our teams aspire to be Christian communities, treating teammates, coaches, officials, fans and opponents as brothers and sisters in Christ,” said Ms. Turner. “I look forward to seeing how our student athletes turn their sports experiences into leadership and life skills.”


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