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Students reflect on unfortunate driving tickets

Junior Will Johnson was pulled over for speeding in a school zone. Johnson claims he did not see the flashing “school zone” lights, but he accepted the ticket anyway.

photo by Gavin Smathers


Being handed a ticket is never an enjoyable experience. Receiving a ticket can be extremely damaging to a young driver’s record. However, looking back on some situations, it is difficult not to laugh after it’s all said and done.

My first driving ticket was well- deserved, to say the least. I was heading home from a UGA football game and decided to stream another game on my phone while it was in the holder on my windshield. It was dark outside, so a cop easily saw me and pulled me over. Long story short, I no longer stream football games while driving.

The majority of tickets handed out in the state of Georgia are speeding tickets, as 23% of Georgia drivers have been pulled over for speeding this year alone.

“I got a ticket for going 11 over in a school zone,” junior Will Johnson said. “That was the first and only ticket I have gotten. The scariest part was probably the cop telling me he was giving me a ticket, especially because my friends were watching.”

Johnson did not take the ticket well because he felt it wasn’t fair. But when he shared the story with all his friends, they laughed. He now finds the story funny, too. everyone can see them. It was a good “It was my fault, but honestly, I learning experience though.” had no idea it was a school zone,”

Emerging technology is affecting Johnson said. “They don’t do a great road conditions. Traffic cameras, speed job of putting the flashing lights where monitors and speed limit lights are designed to help the drivers be aware of their speed and surroundings. They can catch you in the act, too.

“I was speeding in a school zone, and the camera caught me,” senior Allie Zimmerman said. “I was really nervous because I thought I would get points on my license because of it.”

Of course, you can receive tickets for things other than speeding. Pricey tickets are administered for accidents, as well.

“I was coming around a corner, and I didn’t see a stopped school bus,” senior Joel Esasky said. “I slammed on my breaks, but my reaction was not quick enough, and I drilled the car behind the bus.”

Esasky had never received a ticket prior to the incident, much less been in an accident. Both cars were dented, but everyone was all right. He was written up for following too closely.

“I was really nervous because I didn’t know if I was going to go to jail or not,” Esasky said. “People laugh when I tell them the story because I include how nervous I was. I’m glad there are procedures in place when things like this happen though. It makes me feel safer on the road.”

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