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’The Chosen’ breaks Christian film barriers

Jonathan Roumie (fourth from right), who plays the roll of Jesus, and the cast of the disciples pose on the "Teal Carpet" at the Fox Theater after the first viewing of season three of 'The Chosen'. photo by @thechosentvseries


Over the past three years, ‘The Chosen’ television series has skyrocketed in ratings, views and publicity. They ended their opening weekend with the showing of the first two episodes of their new season, at number three in theaters just below ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ and ‘The Menu.’

‘The Chosen’ is a faith based television series focused on the lives of those who followed Jesus and their experience with him. The show has three completed seasons and projects to finish the show at seven seasons. Unlike most Christian film projects this one has captured the eyes of not only Christians but a widespread audience proven by their 300 million views worldwide.

‘The Chosen’ had an exclusive premiere at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta on Nov. 15. All proceeds went to the Salvation Army who allowed the filmmakers to use their property. The premiere featured the first two episodes of season three and included the cast and director present for meet and greets with the guests.

‘The Chosen: The Messengers’ Christmas special ended their opening weekend last year at number four and sold $1.5 million in the first 12 hours in theaters. The special was Fathom Events’ most successful in history. Following this success ‘The Chosen’ season three showing doubled the Christmas special box office revenue and topped it as the biggest Fathom Events showing.

Widening their audience has been a main goal of the show. ‘The Chosen’ team reveals the impact the show has on everyone, despite it being a faith based series, with their newest documentary, ‘Unfiltered: Gen Z Reacts To The Chosen’. Capturing the honest, real opinions of random Gen Z viewers, this documentary proves the influence ‘The Chosen’ has on people of different backgrounds and life perspectives.

“I don’t think that this show did well because it tried to follow a mold. It really took a different view, a different lens.” said actor Abe Martell, who plays the part of Big James.

‘The Chosen’ has become a phenomenon unlike anything else. They have captured the realness of characters in the bible and have made them relatable, engaging and enjoyable to watch.

When describing the growth and trajectory of the show, director and creator Dallas Jenkins said, “It’s not your job to feed the 5,000, just to provide the loaves and fishes.”

Even the cast of “The Chosen” has fallen in love with their characters and love working with director Jenkins as they create this unique program.

“…fans seem impatient, we’re impatient. We were so excited to film this season [season three] and it has done nothing but deliver.” said actor Noah James, who plays the part of Andrew.


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