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The dos and don'ts of homecoming dates

It’s 3:49 p.m. Your friend is alight with anticipation, as she pretends to check the tire pressure on her car. “Why won’t she let me leave?" you wonder. The questions exacerbate your anxiety, as your friend grasps for another excuse to stay just a few more minutes. Suddenly, a familiar vehicle drives up the hill towards the parking lot. He jumps out of the car, pulls out the staple poster and white roses and clears his throat. “Will you go to homecoming with me?”

Junior Jimmy Anderson surprises junior Josie Web with a homecoming poster themed around the song “The Adults are Talking” by The Strokes. photo by Sara Cat Iredale.

​He said:

She said:

​Amidst this season of potential anxiety and reflection upon the pros and cons of taking a date, we wrestle with questions like, “How does this person feel about me?” and “Will she say yes?” With this in mind, is it truly worth it to ask a date? Because of smaller class sizes, it can be hard to find the right girl to take, and, if the date goes south, things can be awkward for the rest of the year. Yet, you should not let this be a deterrent. How to ask: If you decide to take a date, we suggest making a poster. A good poster board is funny, memorable and maybe even a bit corny. Be respectful and careful to avoid an uncomfortable situation. If she is shy, don’t make a spectacle. You can ask a close friend of the girl you want to take to homecoming if she wants to go with you before you ask her. This can prevent not only the extremely awkward reply of “no,” but help you to coordinate when and where you should ask her. Whatever you do, ask her in-person. The Slow Dance: There’s no way to get around the iconic Ed Sheeran slow dance. Some girls can’t wait to dance with their date for the first time; others would rather be eaten by a rhinoceros. Just remember, you only have to carry a conversation and make eye contact for three minutes. You’ve got this. Going with a date can be a blast, but it is not the only option. If you don’t have someone you want to ask, don’t feel pressured. Simply going with a group of friends can lead to an incredibly memorable night

From the theme days to finding the perfect dress, Homecoming can be the most exciting time of a school year. Going with a date? That might be a different story. A free dinner and paid ticket are definitely some pros, but spending time with a friend can be even more valuable. Certainly, the homecoming dance can be fun with or without a date. Going with a Date: Do not overthink it! Homecoming seems to constitute an exponential level of anxiety for girls. Will the guy I like ask me? If he does, will it be awkward? When going with a date, make sure you are on the same page about the relationship. Remember that going as friends can greatly minimize stress. Also, it is good practice for socialization and learning how to be a good date in the future. Going with a Group: This eliminates confusion and any potential awkwardness. Instead of spending your evening talking about the weather, you can reminisce about old times while creating new memories with friends


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