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When Chaos Calls, look for blessings

Chaos. The one word I would use to describe high school. As I quickly approach the day I turn my tassel, I am realizing many valuable lessons about the period of life I am leaving behind. Your grandparents weren’t lying when they said “These four years will fly by.” High school did indeed fly by, but not simply because time moves fast; my last few years are merely a blur because I never lived presently.

I don’t actually remember much of high school. It’s so clouded, likely because I flew through it longing for the next thing, missing the moment.

I was recently asked, “What is your biggest regret?” This question stirred in me, my lack of answer bothering me.

As I sit here writing my last article ever, I am convicted. I think about what could have been if I was more interested in the people around me rather than selfishly desiring the moment to end.

The truth is, my memories are scarce. When I think back to my high school years, it’s not grief that it’s over but sadness that I rushed through it, eyes fixed on whatever was next instead of right in front of me.

Something I’ve been learning recently is how to be a light and model of Jesus’s love. I’ve learned how much difference you can make by simply talking to someone, brightening days one conversation at a time.

I had yet to realize this opportunity until recently, having already missed my chance to engage with peers and travel to conversation outside my comfort zone. Reflecting on the past four years, that is my biggest regret.

I’m saddened by the fact that I look back now at my high school experience and the most evident label I can see is “big fat missed opportunity.”

I listed some reminders for the longing, busy underclassmen.

1. Chances are, your busyness is not going away. Life is always moving, and there’s always somewhere else you will desire to be. However, even though the busy weeks won’t cease, you can be present.

2. Jesus never called you to be busy. Jesus only called you to follow Him. That’s all, no catch. So, let him lead you. 2 Timothy 1:7 reminds us that only God can give the power to push through, the love needed for the people God placed in your life, and the self-discipline needed to work hard in His name, leading to peace and fuller life.

3. Look for blessings everywhere. This is the ultimate key for being where you are. Once you start looking for blessings everywhere, you will find them everywhere because they are everywhere.

To anyone who I was too busy to talk to, I’m sorry that I was so caught up in life that I missed the moment’s opportunity. I wish you well, and I regret not recognizing this sooner.


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