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A love letter to The King’s Academy

Thank you. For everything. For every missing assignment notice. For every doc folder that had something wrong with it. For every demerit. For every late-night crying over a project or assignment I procrastinated on. Thank you for every good and bad thing you gave me.

I do not remember much from my first years at King’s, but I do remember this little girl who skipped around the gym floor while my siblings and mother finished their meetings. Oh to go back and tell younger me just how much she had ahead of her, the lifelong memories that would be created and the friendships that formed over the years.

A common trend in this phase of life is the concept of “senioritis.” Every senior gives up their motivation and just wants to graduate and never return to the forsaken schools. I have never related to this. I never understood how someone could think something like this. As I look back now, I realize why I do not want to graduate and get out of here.

School was always my happy place. I always had someone to talk to, something to do and, better yet, I always had family there (literally). No matter how bad of a day I would have with grades or drama, it was nearly impossible to wipe the smile off my face. I feel so comfortable in the walls of the tin can and high school.

I feel like the school has grown up with me. When I started at King’s, grades K-12 were all in the tin can. Then we got a high school building. Then we renovated the high school building. Then we got new floors in the tin can. Now, we have a fine arts building and extensions on the tin can, plus the high school. As I have matured, the school has changed for the better. The King’s Academy today is nearly unrecognizable from the King’s Academy I knew back in 2008. I feel the same way. In 2008, I was clueless and full of whimsical spirit. It is now 2022, and I have 14 years of TKA under my belt and more good memories than stars in the sky.

Not to mention, the amazing teachers that I grew to love. The wonderful Godly people who made venturing into the unknown feel safe. I am so thankful for you all.

TKA, I want to thank you for the amazing friends you have given me. The people at this school are what makes saying goodbye oh so difficult. Not only have you provided me with my classmates but also with so many people both older and younger than me that make being at this school such an utter joy. I do not think I will ever forget the wonderful life I got to live within your walls. I will come back and visit often. You can’t get rid of me that easily.


Melissa Cribb

A Knight, forever and always.


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