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An old vet’s advice to the youngsters High school: the good, the bad and the ugly

I’m gonna go out on a ledge and just make an assumption that most high schoolers do not like school. You gasp in awe. “How did you know?” Because, young grasshopper, I was one of those students. I know exactly what you are experiencing. Renweb trouble. Late night study sessions cramming for the big test. Procrastination. Parking violations. Friend group drama. Boiling anger at teachers who you just do not click with. Another Edpuzzle lecture. Over detailed coloring sheets. It all seems quite overwhelming and never-ending. Are we not just graduating school to go to yet another school?

Well, yes. For some, high school is a precursor to even more school. However, high school also brings freedoms you won’t find anywhere else. You pick up experiences that are invaluable in one’s life. It is not just about the mindnumbingly dull assignments (there, I said it.) Take all of what happens as training to prepare yourself for life. We’ve all had both good and bad experiences. Remember the times you had to do the work of three people in a group project. Remember your first job, and the responsibilities that came with it. Remember the time you said something stupid on Snapchat, and it got screenshotted and spread around. Remember the first time you got behind the wheel. All of these experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly, can all teach us something.

What I’m trying to say is it is not about the grades. Sure, they matter but not nearly as much as we all think unless you are aiming for the Ivy League. In this time of our lives, we live, learn and move on. Take what you’ve learned and apply it to your college life in an attempt to keep from making mistakes when the consequences are more dire.

I’ve talked a lot about learning from experiences; my final bit of advice would be to make them. We’ve all heard the saying, “You only live once.” I have heard a lot of high schoolers complain, saying “I don’t have the time!” That is a lie. You just choose to scroll through Instatwit or whatever it’s called looking at other people’s memories rather than making your own. Get out! Live a little! Learn a trade! Pick up an instrument! Draw something! Write something! Compose something! Coming from someone who did not, use the talents you have and explore them while you can.

Well, we are not really supposed to write conclusions, but that is all I got. I know some people reading this will still be confused and/or anxious, even after my awesome words of wisdom. That is ok. You guys do not need to figure everything out now. Just enjoy the life in front of you, and enjoy the time you have. Take the days as they come.

Be seeing you folks around.


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