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Boys’ volleyball tournament proves successful among students

On Sunday, April 25, the Student Leadership Council held their first ever boy’s volleyball tournament at Badger Creek Park. The event proved to be extremely successful, with 16 teams of five signing up to compete.The event pulled in many spectators, as well. After four hard-fought matches, team “Bring Me My Money” came out on top, defeating every team in their path. The champions consisted of seniors SamGrayson James, Will Watson, Simeon Ganster, Josh Beckham and Evan Beavers.

Each team was required to pay $20 to compete and given two weeks to practice and prepare for the event. Every team came up with their own game plan to set their team up for success. Some teams, however, did nothing at all.

“We did nothing to prepare,” said senior Will Watson. “We had all just played with friends, though, so we had some chemistry.”

Even with little practice, “Bring Me My Money” felt confident in their ability to dominate on the volleyball court.

“I had a good feeling that we were going to win,” said Watson. “We were a little concerned about how we were going to play because we went in without practicing, and we didn’t know how good the other teams were going to be. But, our team was full of naturally good athletes, so we were able to pull it off.”

Team “Bring Me My Money” prevailed in the final series, two games to one. Each of the participants on the winning team received $25 and a team trophy.

“We felt great after the win,” said senior Evan Beavers. “We were confident in our ability to overcome and win every point.”

While the tournament was open to every grade, the seniors demonstrated dominance, defeating everyone they competed against by a comfortable margin leading up to the finals. While the championship was a little more competitive than previous games, team “Bring Me My Money” was able to pull through in the final set to win 15-11.

The event definitely brought the student body closer together and was a huge success among students. Spectating or competing, everyone was able to enjoy themselves and get to know each other better.

“I would definitely recommend this as an annual thing for the Student Leadership Council,” said Watson.


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