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Collegiate level athletics attract seniors

With the 2020-2021 school year drawing to a close, seniors are making major decisions about college. For athletes, one major decision is whether or not they want to pursue their sport at the collegiate level. Some of these students who were offered the opportunity to pursue their sport at a higher level are SamGrayson James, Annie Vohries, Reece Black, Reghan Black, Emma Williams, Josh Beckham, Ben Parham, Savannah Stewart and Jake Wohlers.

Most of these students have been playing their sports for a very long time and are grateful for the opportunity it provides for them. The King’s Academy has provided them with an opportunity that they otherwise would not have had. James has committed to Reinhardt to play football this coming fall.

“I am just excited to have the opportunity to play football longer,” said James. “[I know] it will be a lot more intense and competitive.”

Jake Wohlers once imagined following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a professional baseball player. However, he has other plans in case his athletic career takes a different turn.

“I am excited to see progress, as far as my talent goes,” said Wohlers. “It is almost like a whole different sport in college. I want to put as much effort into baseball but also put a lot of effort into my education. I do want to go pro, but if that does not happen, I want to make sure that I have something to fall back on.”

Wohlers plans to study pre-med and eventually become a neurosurgeon at Berry College on several scholarships. Others, like James and Vohries, plan to study business but have no idea where God will lead them after they graduate college. And, while most are staying in-state to pursue higher education, Vohries has other plans.

“I just signed to the equestrian team at Baylor,” said Vohries. “I am excited to be able to ride in college. It is such a privilege because it is a very expensive sport, and it is awesome that I can continue in my sport without having to pay [a lot of] money.”

Baylor University, located in Waco, Texas is a private, Baptist university where Vohries plans to attend and ride alongside her sister. She has both academic and riding scholarships. Though the athletes are excited about a more rigorous athletic career in college, they recall the positive impact high school sports have played in shaping their lives.

“One of my favorite memories from high school baseball is when we won the state championship my sophomore year,” said Wohlers. “It is something that I will never forget.”

The seniors look forward to playing their sport in college. Whether it is soccer for Williams and the Blacks, baseball for Wohlers, equestrian games for Vohries, track for Stewart, football for James or basketball for Parham and Beckham, all of these athletes look forward to representing their high school and college well.


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