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CTAE equips students for the future

Former student Mea Anderson adds highlights to a client’s hair using the skills gained through 2 years of CTAE courses and a certification in cosmetology. Mea now works at Jovi Hair Salon in Virginia Beach.

photo provided by @m3aanderson


Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) provides an outlet for high school students to explore careers of interest, while equipping them with valuable training in their field of choice. The program has proven itself instrumental in providing skills and experience necessary for the successful careers many alumni enjoy today. A rise in demand for highly skilled workers in the United States nearly ensures a well-paying job for high school graduates with a certification.

“Some do it as a part-time job through college, and others do it just because they

enjoy what it is, and they realize they can really make an impressive living they hadn’t thought about otherwise,” Principal

Angela Crevar said.

Former student Mea Anderson earned a cosmetology certificate and was offered a job right out of high school. She recognizes the value of her diligence and dedication in her commitment to the program. By keeping herself on a tight schedule and staying committed to her goals, she was later able to reap the benefits of her hard work.

“CTAE helped me start my career as early as 19 years old,” Anderson said. “I moved to a different state and got a job at a hair salon. I now support my whole life and have an apartment I call home. I would probably never had been able to do that so young if I hadn't done the program.”

Her advice for students going into CTAE is to ensure a healthy balance between managing the workload of the courses and making the most out of high school. Anderson’s investment in her future did not conflict with her high school experience because CTAE reconciled the two. She was intentional in both treasuring those years and honoring her commitments.

“Make sure you have a life outside of school,” Anderson said. “Sometimes it can be hard to balance everything and feel like you need to go straight into your career. Enjoy high school while you can. You can make both work.”

As is the case with Anderson, several alumni have found passion and success among the broad selection of careers and fields made available through CTAE. Another former student managed to graduate from high school with seven certificates and an Associates degree in computer networking.

“It was because it was something he enjoyed and found that passion, and then it didn’t feel as much like work,” Mrs. Crevar said. “I think that’s when you really find that success. That’s when you can find something you’re truly interested in.”


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