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Discerning media's presence in Christian lives

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TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix, Youtube, Disney+, Be Real. These are prime examples of booming social media that have the world wrapped around their scheming fingers. Or so they think. If you are a Christian or even if you are not a Christian, your time should not be wasted in the gossiping, posh and fake part of the media. Instead, we should be spending our time devout to the mission of spreading the gospel, verbally and by example, through how we live. How, in a world so increasingly digital, can one decipher between good and godly media versus negative and soul-depriving obsessions?

The line is evident when one is sensitive to the holy spirit. Now I am not saying that if you “don't feel the spirit” then all things are plausible; there are obvious moral standards that Bible-believing Christians should heed. But an example of being keen on the holy spirit is recognizing a struggle with the quantity of media consumption. Thus, the beginning of the solution is an intense sensitivity to God's voice, such as engaging in the Bible’s living word or seeking wisdom from a godly mentor, to increase awareness of the urgency and demand for change.

Some challenges provoked by the spirit are much more difficult than others, and it all depends on each person's weaknesses. God already calls us to gaze upon Him and chase after Him in all we do, but it is easy to fall victim to the vicious cycle of social media. Being sensitive to God’s voice, prompts believers to realign with His plans rather than the fallen world’s.

This self and holy spirit reflectiveness redefines a person’s desires to align with God’s. This, in turn, creates change that refreshes a person’s view on unhealthy personal uses of media. God’s mercy and grace are quick to forgive and embrace. Therefore, we should remember to continue on the journey to revitalize a godly view of media.

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