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Mrs. Walley faithfully serves as longest serving assistant

Mrs. Walley exhibits her Godly heart as she welcomes senior Sophie Jones into the high school building. She began working at the school 20 years ago when her kids started attending the school and has since managed assistant positions and front desk facilitator. photo by Sadie Reddish

As students enter the high school each day, Mrs. Walley greets them with a loving smile and a tender heart. Mrs. Walley began serving at The King’s Academy 20 years ago and is the longest running assistant teacher in the school’s history.

She spent her first five years working as a kindergarten assistant for Mrs. Honaker. In fact, one of her favorite memories of her time here is from those years.

“I loved dressing up as a clown for the class,” Mrs. Walley said. “I’m a shy person, so it really pushed me.”

Throughout her time at the school, there have been a couple instances when she thought she would be saying goodbye to us, but the Lord kept bringing her back. She had plans to retire in 2021 but ended up needing a job.

“[Administration] said ‘Well, come work at the front desk! We’d love to have you...’” Mrs. Walley said.

That same love from her coworkers helped her to serve her students faithfully.

“These ladies have just given me so much love and support,” Mrs. Walley said. “Everything I do for [the students] is just an overflow.”

Mrs. Walley grew up in New Orleans with two alcoholic parents. This led to her spending most of her time with her close friend who took her to church.

“Their family basically adopted me,” Mrs. Walley said. “They took me to church every Sunday and Wednesday.”

She eventually gave her life to Christ, and later on in life, her parents followed suit. “After [Hurricane] Katrina, they all became Christians,” Mrs. Walley said. “Now they both speak at conferences for recovering alcoholics.”

Mrs. Walley attended Louisiana State University and received a degree in nursing. Her goal was to attend Youth With A Mission and serve with Mercy Ships, a program providing medical care via ships all throughout the world. But that didn’t exactly happen.

“I know some of the students aren’t Christians. But I hope just by being around them, they’ll see Him in me.”
- Mrs. Walley -

Mrs. Walley married and moved to Atlanta, where she raised her four kids. They originally attended Cherokee Christian School but heard about TKA from a friend. A couple years later, she joined as an assistant.

“I worked with Lynn Sanders, and it was both of ours’ first year. So it was quite an adventure,’’ Mrs. Walley said.

Working at TKA has had a big impact on her faith.

“I’m really trying to be still with Him, especially in my quiet time in the mornings,” Mrs. Walley said.

She seeks out God at every moment and spends as much time as possible in worship and prayer. She sees Christ in many of the students, hoping to inspire them as they inspire her.

“I know some of the students aren’t Christians,” Mrs. Walley said. “But I hope just by being around them, they’ll see Him in me.”

There’s nothing she would rather do than greet everyone as they enter the doors of The King’s Academy.

“They are just the coolest kids in the world,” Mrs. Walley said.


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