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Senior opportunity expands worldview

"In life, I do not want to take the easy route of being reactive and shallow, adhering to the flow of society when it comes to news."


Growing up exposed my naivete to the complications of the world. It is a crushing realization when the blinds are removed. Suddenly, the human capability for evil is not just something you read in history books. The power hunger and hypocrisy of leaders appears across the spectrum of political views. Improvements in the world have taken place (like reducing world poverty), but degeneration continues, appearing to bring any improvements to a net zero. The problems in society are multifaceted and not simplistic like the news and leaders pretend. The world persists the same as it has always been, and the human capacity for sin has not shifted simply because it is the 21st century.

Though I definitely have far more to learn, I am grateful for the growth of my understanding of world events and politics over the past four years. I care more because I further understand how policy and crises affect people. Freshman year, I would have never imagined I would write a column titled “The Failure of the Media Today.” I have loved writing opinion articles relating to this topic.

Listening to multiple podcasts hosted by intelligent people with differing views have become part of my weekly routine. I see improvement in my ability to listen and read different news sources to understand a story’s dimensions. On optimistic days, I feel a step closer to achieving the art of communicating one’s opinions.

This experience goes deeper than just article writing. In life, I do not want to take the easy route of being reactive and shallow, adhering to the flow of society when it comes to news. In a world of fast, profit driven (and borderline-propaganda) media, I strive for wisdom. People have perfected extracting a news story and fitting it into their preconceived ideas on a topic. I never want to be afraid of the truth, even if it is difficult. This searching for truth, forming an opinion and endeavoring to communicate it eloquently is incredibly humbling. I seem to constantly see small flaws in my perspective or tone or presentation. Often topics do not fit into the black and white story the news media present or my brain desires. I find myself in mental debates within my own head.

Jesus emphasizes the importance of seeking truth. Striving for understanding Biblical truth creates foundational strength when the world becomes confusing. Layering this with an informed mind generates discernment when forming opinions on world events. Though I have completed my time writing about “The Failure of the Media Today”, I aim to continue seeking truth despite biased news. I am thrilled for the next chapter of my life and the growth it will bring.


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