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Seniors’ track season instills community spirit

The 2020-2021 spring track and field season came to a close April 23 with the GAPPS Track and Field State meet. Athletes were able to place at the state level even though, for some of them, it was their first time ever making it to the state meet in the first place. Not only did the meet mark the end of the team’s season, but for some seniors, it would also be their last time ever competing in these events.

Senior John Drury started competing in track and field for the first time this season and wished he had more time with the sport.

“I wish I had discovered it sooner, so I could have actually worked on getting faster,” said Drury. “I basically joined on a whim, and now I’m here.”

However, being his first and last year in the sport, improving his times wasn’t the only thing he appreciated about his experience on the team.

“I feel more connected to this school,” said Drury. “Last semester, before track, I basically just went to school for the one class and then I would go home, and I was very disconnected. Now I have this group of people I am around, and I like them. We all run fast, so we have something in common.”

Other seniors on the team also appreciate the overall atmosphere, and that was what convinced senior Sam Grayson James to join the sport his junior year in addition of the other two sports he competes in.

“It is just such a fun time. I didn’t think I would get near this amount of fun, community and friends from this team,” said James.

This community-centered atmosphere has grown over the years and has made the sport an enjoyable part of the high school experience for these athletes.

“This track season was by far the best season I’ve had,” said senior Anna Kate Stubbs. “The team was close, and we had a lot of fun at practices and meets.”

Stubbs has been running on the track and field team for three years and has enjoyed both improving her times and interacting with others who she may have never met outside of the sport.

“Track has allowed me to meet new people and make a bunch of new friends,” said Stubbs. “The state meet this year was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a meet. It was a very long day for all of us, but everyone did so well.”

The state meet offered these seniors a final chance to improve and compete with their friends before they leave their high school years behind and go on to bigger and better things.

“I was pretty happy with how I ran and really glad to have gotten first place and a personal record in the 100 meter dash since it was my last time running it,” said Stubbs

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