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Slaw Dogs defeat reigning champions in boys annual volleyball tournament

TKA Student Leadership Council hosted its annual boy's volleyball tournament in the gym on April 23. Eight teams competed to win the coveted $125 prize. Teams of five gathered together, some in themed outfits, to play in a single elimination tournament.

Sophomore Bo Beavers serves the volleyball to the opposing team. The bright scoreboard shows 21. The crowd's cheer echoed: “Game point, don’t choke! Game point!” If the Los Cabrones allowed their opponent to score, their winning streak would be over. Sophomore Jimmy Anderson, returning member of Los Cabrones, remembers his team's winning streak ending with an 18-21 loss over the Slaw Dogs. “My team changed a lot compared to last year,” said Anderson. “Last year [we] had two seniors who graduated and were good. We kicked many players off the team and got new ones which was a bad idea considering we lost.”

“Me and my brother stuck together to form what we thought was the dream team,” said Anderson. One of those new members was junior Carter Payne.