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Sophomore Will Johnson leads Knights into football season

Knights football kicked off once again, and the squad is proving to rush towards another average season. Last year, sophomore Will Johnson led the Knights to a 2-2 finish after taking over for junior Mikey Kriegbaum, who started the season 1-5. Johnson has worked hard to deliver a season the Knights can boast about.

“When I was put as the first team quarterback back in the spring, I was extremely excited that I was going to be able to play a full season of Varsity after finishing last year,” said Johnson.

The coaches ushered Johnson into the leadership position last year after juniors Mikey Kriegbaum and Thomas Lubben were injured. Hustling into another season, Kriegbaum has taken the slot receiver position and Lubben, the running back. Johnson knew leading the team would pose challenges, but he was prepared to give it his all, no matter what.

Quarterback Will Johnson secures the snap and prepares to pitch the ball to junior Thomas Lubben against Community Christian School.

“My favorite part about being a quarterback is that I’m automatically put into a leadership role because I get the ball every play. I feel like I need to improve skills that are essential to the team, like making quick decisions to help us win in close games,” said Johnson.

The team has been preparing for this season since January of this year, participating in team workouts over the winter and practicing in the spring. Some players had to learn new positions, like junior running back Thomas Lubben.

“I love not having to worry or think about each play as much as I did when I played quarterback,” Lubben said. “I love the running back position because I can run over people.”

The Knights are off to a shaky start, losing their season opener 29-6 against Towns County High School. However, the team used that loss to win their second game in a defensive battle, defeating the North Georgia Falcons 2-0. The Knights then received another loss 29-8 against the Central Fellowship Lancers.

“I’m not happy with our record only because I don’t think it reflects who we are as a team, but the season is still early, and we will turn it around,” said Johnson.

The team sees themselves as a family, always rallying around each other and exercising what it means to be brothers in Christ. They are constantly looking for ways to encourage each other as well.

“I think Will has been doing good so far this year, and he will only continue to get better,” Lubben said. “He runs the plays well and has a cannon for an arm. He doesn’t miss a play that is under 25 yards. He continues to put up dimes and really leads the offense well.”

As the season continues to develop, the Knights’ main goal is to keep their heads held high and learn from every mistake. The team believes optimism is key for success in whatever they do.

“I am very optimistic about the remainder of this year,” said Lubben. “Will keeps getting better at the quarterback position, and the plays we run at practice continue to get crisper. Our defense has been playing very well, and once we put it all together, I know we will be a strong contender.”


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